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SEND: Aware Level: To introduce the principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

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Target Audience
Classroom and Learning Support Staff / Middle Leaders / New and Aspiring Headteachers / NQT Mentor / NQTs / Primary Teaching Staff / Secondary Teaching Staff / SEN Teaching Staff / SENCO / SENSS / Subject Coordinators / TA's
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Course - Half Day
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Teacher CPD / School Support Staff CPD / SEND
Course description

• Our offer includes a comprehensive introduction to PBS.
• PBS is a government recommended approach to supporting vulnerable people and the Department of Health specifically recommends PBS following the Mid Staffordshire and Winterbourne Review.
• PBS has a strong evidence base for supporting people with intellectual impairment or learning disabilities.
• Our course covers a range of areas that will be useful for your work with people with learning disabilities and/ or autism, including if you are front line staff or a manager
• Its foundation is the use of person-centred approaches to meet the needs of people with a learning disability and/or autism who may be at risk of displaying challenging behaviours
• You will understand it is backed by evidence from behavioural science
• It is important that those of you implementing behaviour support to understand why you do it and the range of strategies available to you
• It will also enable you to adapt your practice with useful strategies for your day to day work based on inclusion, choice, participation and equality of opportunity

Training objectives

To gain an awareness of the principles underlying Positive Behaviour Support.

• Identify the values of PBS and Person-Centred approaches
• Practice collecting clear and objective data about behaviours of concern
• Demonstrate good practice and highlight practice which is unsafe or unethical
• Develop an understanding that behaviour serves a purpose for an individual
• Describe characteristics of individuals which contribute to behaviours of concern
• Recognise proactive and reactive strategies in PBS
• Describe how internal and external antecedents affect behaviour
• Understand importance of following Behaviour Support Plan and Risk Assessment
• Identify ways of changing your practice and making changes to your workplace to effectively support people with learning disability and / or autism


Learning outcomes


  •  To be able to identify the values of PBS and Person Centred approaches.

  •  To demonstrate the importance of respecting values of the individual regardless of your own values.

  •  To identify individual’s quality of life issues including relationships, safety and happiness.

  •  To be aware of the 10 components of PBS.

Theory and evidence based:

  •  To practice collecting clear and objective data about behaviours of concern.

  •  To be able to use and track data.

  •  To be able to explain connection between data and Behaviour Support Plans.


  •  To understand the role of function in behaviour and interventions.

  •  To understand the role of environment and behaviour.

  •  To be able to explain connection between data and Behaviour Support Plans.

Additional Information

This course maps onto the PBS Competency Framework

Participants must attend all three sessions.

A pre-course questionnaire will be sent to you before the first session.  This course closes one week before the first session.


Start Date
Wednesday 9 June 2021
End Date
Wednesday 23 June 2021
Closing Date
Wednesday 2 June 2021
15:00 - 16:30
Maximum Places
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