Using provision maps to support SEN inclusion fund reviews/processes via Synergy IT system

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Target audience
• Early year providers who are eligible to access the additional funding stream i.e. SEN Inclusion Fund
o Childminders that offer government funded places
o Schools with nursery provision
o PVIs
• Setting SENCOs that are new to the role and have recently completed the four sessions of Hounslow SENCO training
• Early Years Practitioners who are going to be taking on the role of SENCO in their setting
• School/Setting SENCOs who need more information and/or need to refresh their knowledge on the use of provision maps
• Early years providers who are not familiar with the new system for using provision maps to support SEN Inclusion Fund reviews via the Synergy IT system

Course outline
The purpose of this session is to consider the use of Provision Maps as a tool for demonstrating the use of SEN Inclusion Fund along with evidencing impact of this funding on a child’s progress. It will also cover the process for returning reviews and provision maps via the Synergy ICT system.

Please note that this is the second of two sessions and attendance at both is recommended. The first session is Additional Funding for SEND: SEN Inclusion Fund & Disability Access Fund & Processes via Synergy IT System.

Training objectives

Course objectives
• To consider what a Provision Map is
• To consider why a Provision Map is a useful tool to use
• To explore the process of provision mapping to demonstrate use of SEN Inclusion Funding
• To demonstrate how provision mapping can evidence impact of funding on a child’s progress
• The use of Provision Maps to support SEN Inclusion Fund Reviews and the process for returning these via the new Synergy ICT System
• To consider Provision Maps to support a request for an EHC needs assessment (if required)

Learning outcomes

Course outcomes
Early years providers will have increased knowledge and understanding of:
• What a provision map is and the purpose of this tool
• The process involved in producing a provision map
• Increased confidence in producing provision maps for individual children in receipt of SEN Inclusion Funding
• Increased confidence in using this tool to demonstrate and evidence use of additional funding and the impact on progress of child/ren as part of the submission of the SEN Inclusion Fund Review via the new Synergy ICT System
• How Provision Maps can be used to demonstrate use and impact of SEN Inclusion Fund to support a request for an EHC needs assessment (if required)


Additional Information
Start Date
Tuesday 8 June 2021
End Date
Tuesday 8 June 2021
Closing Date
Monday 7 June 2021
13:30 - 15:30
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